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OTTO - Movement

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Slime reaches it's 80th release, and with it welcomes to the label the mysterious producer O.T.T.O for a sublime odyssey into sensual house music. The style on display here is laidback and retro-fitted to some nebulous time in the mid-80s, showcasing a producer with a real flair for the cinematic in their music.

'Movement' rolls into life with breathless vocals and skittering drums, before warm pads drift in with a narcotic haziness. Melodic flourishes trigger false memories implanted in your brain of neon-soaked nocturnal escapades in some tropical paradise.

'Midnight' takes an altogether bumpier percussive route, with garage drumwork creeping over echoing vocal snippets for a darker twist to the former track. Deep chords drop across the groove, massaging your eardrums into a lather.

For the final cut, talented producer Blaike throws down a masterful take on the title track, toughening up the drums and bassline for a supreme dancefloor classic in the making.


03.Movement (Blaike Remix)

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