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Aaron Static - Perihelion


Slime is proud to welcome production veteran Aaron Static back to the label after almost two years since his debut for the imprint. Since that time, the Australian DJ & Producer has been hugely active in the antipodean scene, playing with some of the leading names in Dubstep and Garage whilst continuing to build his fan base through his well-received album ‘Redemption’. One of the most technically gifted producers around, he has developed his own unique sound that sits across multiple genres with a cinematic sense of melody. For his return to Slime he has created the ‘Perihelion’ EP which encapsulates this aesthetic perfectly.

‘Perihelion’ drifts in on melancholy chords before relenting to a skittering garage beat, with ethereal vocals floating through the mix. Bass stabs punctuate the track as the melody builds the track into a spaced-out epic, evoking a sense of being cut adrift in deep space and gliding through a glittering cosmos.

‘Iniquitous Morning’ ramps up the tempo with cut-up female vocals and a rolling bassline across sparkling atmospherics that recalls a hazy summer sunrise bathed in a chemical afterglow as the track unfurls into something drenched in a quiet emotional power.

‘Aphelion’ switches gears once more with a tougher house beat set against shuffling garage percussion. Extrapolating elements from trance it gradually builds into a euphoric anthem set against a narcotic slow-motion groove that ignites the senses.


01. Perihelion
02. Iniquitous Morning
03. Aphelion

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